1. If you wear makeup, why do you wear makeup and how often do you wear makeup?

I used to wear (full face but not heavy) makeup in my twenties and as I grow older the less makeup I wear, now I only wear mascara and lip balm almost every day. I guess it’s just the finishing touches; makes me feel like I’ve put a little extra effort in my appearance.

2. What made you want to participate in this portrait series?

I think I lack in self-confidence and when I first saw the portraits and started reading through everybody’s answers I just signed up. I’m not comfortable in front of a camera so this will be interesting!


3. Is being completely makeup free something that makes you feel in any way uncomfortable?

It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable but having a little makeup on even if it’s just mascara makes you feel like you’re wearing a mask, armoured to life’s little elements.

4. Are there specific factors (positive or negative) that have influenced how you feel about how you look?

Yeah, getting older…being out and having one too many or an alcohol free late night… I don’t wear either of these well the following morning! My weight can also influence the way I look at myself, good and bad. 

5. If there was one piece of advice for the future you could give your younger self, what would it be?

Live more and put your own needs first.

6. When have you felt most empowered in your life?

When I take myself out of my comfort zone and achieving something when I doubted myself.

7. Is there a woman fictional or real that you admire? Why?

I’m surrounded by incredible women every day, family friends and colleagues alike. My mother is an incredibly strong women and her kindness too I admire that in her. She brought me up to be strong and stand on my own two feet.

8. What quality do you most admire in yourself?

My resilience and positive thinking.

9. Is there an achievement you are particularly proud of? Why?

I guess there is a few over the years but completing my first half marathon felt amazing.

10. In daily life what are the pressures you feel most exposed too specifically as a woman? 

I feel less pressure as I get older maybe because I’m more comfortable with myself although a friend of mine had a birthday party for her child and I was asked by a stranger about why I don’t have any children. For a moment I felt the pressure to explain myself and then got angry at myself for almost caving into the pressure.  I think there are and always will be pressure on women in daily life good and bad. At work, I have also seen a shift in the management structure over the years as it used to be mostly men and is now predominantly women.