1. If you wear makeup, why do you wear makeup and how often do you wear makeup?

I enjoy applying makeup, experimenting with the wide variety of cosmetics we have in so many shades, tones and colours. I wear it everyday and although I don't mind going out without wearing any, I'd much prefer to wear it.

2. What made you want to participate in this portrait series?

I know what I look like without makeup but how someone else sees me without makeup will be interesting to see.

3. Is being completely makeup free something that makes you feel in any way uncomfortable?

Sometimes, I went through an extreme amount of skin treatment and I am a lot more confident in my skin now but I do have very red skin left behind from the excessive treatment and a lot of scars from spots. I also have a scar under my eye which I cover up with makeup.

4. Are there specific factors (positive or negative) that have influenced how you feel about how you look? 

I think every woman has some, none specifically come to mind.

5. If there was one piece of advice for the future you could give your younger self, what would it be?

Not to have over thought about my looks the way I did. We all have insecurities and lack confidence in one area or another. 

6. When have you felt most empowered in your life?

I first felt this when I started doing photography myself, the results in my work when I complimented my models left me with not only great results in my work but in my models self confidence. 

7. Is there a woman fictional or real that you admire? Why?

I admire lots of women,  both who were born women and those who became women. My mum would have to be my number one.

8. What quality do you most admire in yourself?

I care for a lot of people, whether I'm related to them or not

9. Is there an achievement you are particularly proud of? Why?

I'm proud of going makeup free on social media. Ask me to do this a few years ago I'd have to have declined

10. In daily life what are the pressures you feel most exposed to specifically as a woman?

Everything some way or another, depending on the day and situation. Nothing that will effect me in the long run though.